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LED Car Lights | Vehicle Lighting | Super Bright LEDs

Light emitting diode or LED lights are excellent light sources for vehicles. LED lighting is more popular these days than in years past, because people are discovering how long lasting LED lights are. They may be a bit more expensive than regular light bulbs, but because they conserve energy, emit a brighter light, and last longer, it makes the investment in LED light bulbs worth the price. Now LED lights are used more and more on vehicles too because of their great energy saving and illumination properties. With LED lights, you get a brighter, longer lasting bulb from one that is much smaller than normal light bulbs.

LED lights are used in many different applications including vehicles for the brake lights, reverse lights, and the turn signals plus the driving lights, parking lights, headlights and the lights within the interior. These specialized lights make up part of the vehicle electrical system. When there is an issue with the lighting system, a qualified auto electrician should be who diagnoses and repairs them. Service providers like ACE Mechanics employ qualified auto electricians because they know how important it is for the vehicles on the road to day to have the most qualified people to work on them.

LED lights are composed of arsenide and aluminium. The materials are purposefully impure to help the semiconductor to conduct electricity from the free electrons of the impurities. Different kinds of impurities create different colours. These tiny lights punch more of a brightness, which makes them so appealing to the automotive industry, who tries to use less intrusive materials to make vehicles streamlined. LED lights last a long time; sometimes people will trade their vehicle before they ever have to replace the LED lights.

LED lights are also cool burning, so they are cased within plastic without worry of melting or catching the plastic on fire. The bulbs are heartier than regular bulbs making them perfect for use on vehicles. Even though the cost per bulb is higher than the price of fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, when you average out the amount of electricity they use plus the fact they rarely if ever burn out, you will see they are actually less expensive in the long run to use.

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LED Car Specialty Brake/Tail Light

The brakes lights are among the most important lights on the vehicle. Grant it, most of the lights are vital, but the brake lights serve as a warning to the drivers following behind you. If you do not have brake lights, the driver behind you may not know to slow their vehicle when you slow and stop and a rear-end collision may occur because of the absent of working lights. Not to mention, having no brake lights is illegal, that is all brake lights need to function properly to comply with roadworthy laws. Therefore, it is very vital to make sure the lights work right, no matter what. If you have an issue with the brake lights, you need to have them looked at as soon as possible by an auto electrician.

Newer cars have brake lights that connect to a circuit board. This keeps the bulbs working individually, so if one bulb goes out, then the others will continue working. The brake lights actually serve two purposes. One purpose is to illuminate when the lights are on, for night driving. This low intensity light shows that the car is in motion and the lights will be on in the front as well. When the brake pedal is applied, the brake light brightens in intensity, serving to alert the driver behind you; the car is slowing down or stopping.

Some vehicles have brake lights in the middle position (normally above in the rear window or on the rear spoiler). This brake light may be even brighter than the ones near the signal lights, and they serve to get more attention to vehicles behind. The third brake light comes on at the same time as the other two, so there are triple warning lights, which will help to get the other driver’s attention faster. Brake light bulbs need to be replaced as soon as they go out. There are several ways of checking for this.

Some vehicles now use LED lights which are usually smaller bulbs, generally last longer, and will save energy.  There are usually multiple LED lights used in conjunction and if one does not operate the others will still function.

The brake light may share a lens with the signal lights, and if this is the case, the bulb with two elements is the brake light bulb. Otherwise, the brake light is behind a red lens and the turn signal is behind a yellow lens or sometimes clear external lens. The third brake light, if there is one, is usually in the middle away from the signal lights. If there are any issues with brake lights, call on Canberra Auto Electrical to send out an auto electrician to help take care of the vehicle’s lights. They are experienced and capable of replacing brake lights as well as any of the lights on the vehicle or anything with the electrical system.

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