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Car Warning Light Symbols | Complete Repair Guide

Our vehicles are equipped with warning lights to alert us of potential issues within the vehicle. These warning lights are a direct connection to the computer. When the computer detects an issue with one of the vehicle’s systems, it will illuminate the warning light, to prompt you to check it out for possible repair. Sometimes the issue may not exactly be what is illuminated, but may be a system connected to it. The computer mainly looks at the relays and sometimes, this is misread. This is why it is a good idea to have the vehicle diagnosed with a computer and an automotive electrician, so they can find the exact problem and then repair it.

All the warning lights are in the dashboard right in front of the driver. Here are different warning lights and what they represent:

  • ABS light – This signals there may be serious issues with the ABS and brakes, and this needs attention immediately.
  • Air bag light – This indicates there may be a malfunction with the air bag, it may not inflate properly or may engage without warning.
  • Battery / charge light – This indicates the battery does not have enough charge. It could be loose cable connections, or a low battery.
  • Brake light – could be an issue with the brakes such as pads wearing out or low.
  • Engine light – This may be different reasons from anything electrical to emissions, to a sensor. It is wise to have a diagnostics run if the engine light illuminates and then take care of the issue.
  • Coolant light – This is indicative of three possibilities, either the coolant level is low, or there is containments in the fluid, or a failed circuit which happens sometimes when a sensor is going out.
  • Door light – 99% of the time this means a door is ajar.
  • Fuel light – This means the fuel level is low. When this warning illuminates, it is time to go right then to fill up with fuel.
  • Oil light – This means there is either low oil pressure, low oil level or the oil sensor is on the fritz.
  • Park brake light – This means the parking brake is set.
  • Seat belt light – This means the driver or one of the passengers do not have their seat belt on.

Always pay attention to the warning lights in the vehicle dash. Have the issues at least looked at by someone like a qualified





Car Warning Light Symbols and Indicators | Complete Repair Guide


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