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Narva Driving Light Wiring Harness

A ‘Premium’ heavy-duty wiring harness that features easy ‘Plug and Play’ connections for a quick do-it-yourself installation. All the components are high quality fittings to ensure a professional finish and enable tool-free fitment.



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Narva Driving Light Wiring Harness – Pre-made wiring harnesses for easy, safe and reliable driving light installation

Narva Driving Light Wiring Harnesses offer simple driving light installations with a pre-made harness including all the relevant clips, connectors and switches. The plug and play driving light harnesses utilise Narva’s own quality waterproof Deutsch style connectors, fuses, fuse holders, relays and illuminated switches. Narva offer three different light bar wiring harness styles depending on your application, these include:

  • 12 Volt Driving Light and Light Bar Harness – A simple and easy to use harness with all the necessary components
  • 12 volt 4WD Driving Light Harness – A premium, heavy-duty wiring harness for a complete plug-and-play connection including H4 and HB3 headlight adapters
  • Ultima LED Driving Light Harness – A premium, heavy-duty wiring harness designed specifically for the Narva Ultima 215 LED Driving Lights

When installing a set of driving lights or a light bar, it is imperative to not overlook the importance of quality wiring and installation. With correct wiring and electrical specifications followed, you can enjoy massively upgraded lighting at the flick of a switch the best possible reliability and safety. A professional wiring job can be expensive, often requiring speciality tools, connectors, switches and wiring and in some cases even a trained professional auto electrician. To get the job done easier, cheaper but with matched or even improved reliability and simplicity, a Narva Driving Light Wiring Harness is the ideal option for the budget conscious or time-poor enthusiast. Eliminate the possibility of any wiring gremlins, bad connections or weak earths by using a pre-made wiring harness to get your car kitted out with some quality upgraded lighting.

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